Lupus Self-Management App

Project Details

The Lupus Self-Management app was designed to help people who live with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) to manage their condition. The app has been designed with feedback from people who have been diagnosed with SLE.

Caring for lupus can involve making health and lifestyle changes and paying attention to how those changes feel. People managing lupus are often faced with having to figure out and work with their health care team on which things – medications, exercise, diet, sleep, daily activities, dietary supplements – seem to be helping or possibly making things worse.

The app makes it easy to track self-care routines and symptoms and helps users to:

  • Quickly identify and rate symptoms, and how they're feeling overall
  • Organize medical appointments and remember self-care activities
  • Record details about medications, diet, exercise, daily activities, sleep, and dietary supplements
  • Keep a journal about what's most important, such as possible triggers for flareups or details about what seems to be working or not working
  • View trends in symptoms that occurred over the past weeks, months, and years
  • Take a photo that can be used to make notes about what happened that day (for example, take a picture of a skin rash, the label of a new dietary supplement, or a meal eaten)
  • Learn tips for managing lupus from others who live with SLE, and access resources recommended by health care professionals
  • Record details that can be shared with doctors and other members of the health care team